People tend to put the best version of themselves foward, the version they feel will be accepted to the masses. The version which hypes up that fantasized realm one has created within the social media world. But why do we do this? Or the better question would be, why do we accept that fantasized version? Don't get me wrong, there are alot of individuals who show their their true colors but hold back one or two pieces of the puzzle, "Oneself", for privacy sake. I read somewhere which stated that humans have 3 faces. The one you show to the world, the one you show your close friends/family, and the one you never show. That last part is said to be the truest reflection of one's self but we fail to embrace that.



Recently I asked a few people, friends in question: are you happy? The answers were mostly "no, or not entirely". Of course I asked them to share with me the "why" to their somewhat incompleteness. (Let me stress that these are about 14 completely different men and women between the ages of 22-36 varying from middle class to the working poor class.)
Although different, the reasons remained the same; everyone felt unfulfilled, unaccomplished and not working towards their goals. One thing that caught my attention was that they all (all of them) compared where they were to where a friend/someone their age range is now and how "successful" these friends currently are. I quoted the word successful because in this world, the only success we acknowledge is the one which can be counted in dollars or the one we can broadcast online or on tv. So what happens to those of us who can't show off our idea of personal success? Those of us who can't put in words or share in pictures something intangible? Does this mean we should invalidate our goals, who we are and what makes us happy in order to work tirelessly towards something which does not really align with our higher self?
Not only do we need to stop looking for (most times shallow) "I'm proud of you" from others but we desperately need to say it to ourselves and mean it. Someone's success is his/her personal journey; comparison is draining, let it inspire you instead of bringing you down. We all came here with tools to achieve our purpose...use them!!! And if you think you lost them, improvise!
Oh and one last thing, whatever is done in genuine love is done absolutely well...



Everybody hides. But how much are we going to allow ourselves to hide beyond repair? To a point where we can never recover from the masquerade we originated. We live in a world where truth is so tangible that we get lost. Who are we? What do we truly believe in? What do we really enjoy and admire? What’s the true purpose of life? Are people proud of me? Am i proud of myself? We all have certain insecurities about who we are, we all have demons, but i do believe that despite the pressure of our surroundings some strong minds are able to love and accept themselves shamelessly: expose their true self to the world. In the society we live in, you always end up being judged by others, or you judge yourself according to what we think would be the judgment of the others. It's sad and i only have one message : don’t be scared. Be committed to your dreams and your heart. Your potential is limitless. There are some things that you won’t understand right now. There are battles with yourself that you won’t win right now. But as long as you’re aware? Nothing can stop you.